zappos logoOk…so maybe that was a bad segue into a good blog, but hang in there with me on this one.  A few months ago, I had the privilege of making the trek out to Henderson, NV, the home of the headquarters, to attend one of their day-long “experiences.”  And “experience” was definitely a great way to sum up my time there.  If you aren’t familiar with, it is an online shoe and other retail store that is famous for having an amazing, yet very unique, company culture (they were recently named #6 on Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list).

In summary, here is what my “experience” included:

  • See and experience the Zappos culture firsthand
  • Dedicated time to find out how Zappos does things in the HR, Pipeline (Training), and CLT (Customer Loyalty Team) Departments
  • Q & A time with many of their managing team members

Although I learned so much from my time at Zappos (and will spare you from reading a super lengthy blog), my number one takeaway was this:  if you stay true to your company’s core values, you will create your perfect company culture.  Zappos has a set of ten core values and it is very apparent that they are ingrained in everything that they do.  From their interviewing process, to the way they interact with their customers, to the crazy decorations that literally take over their office…everything stems from their core values.  These values create the framework for their culture, which is such an important part of the organization.

We created the PaySimple PATHS (Passion, Authenticity, Teamwork, Happiness, and Service) to serve as our core values, and although they are different from Zappos’, we still strive to act with these in mind in all of our interactions and in everything that we do.  Experiencing Zappos in person made me realize just how important this is.  You don’t have to be wild and crazy, but if you go back to your core values and start from there, you will create the culture that is just right for you!



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