Effective time management is a common concern of businesses of all sizes, and there are a myriad of applications available that purport to help you manage yours. If your small business bills clients by the hour, you have the added challenge of accurately tracking just how much time you spend on each one so that you can charge accordingly.

The Toggle App does just that, and if you have a team of 5 people or less, you can use it for free. And, paid versions are available for larger teams and for extended functionality.

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Toggle is used as a timer for each of your activities. You simply tap to start it and tap when you’re done with a specific task, and it will record how long you spent. At the most basic level you can use it to examine your day, or your week, to measure where you spend your time. You can then take a hard look at these results and decide if you are allocating your time in the best possible way, if there are time-sucks you can eliminate, or if there are tasks you can delegate. (See How to Delegate Your Way to a Much Needed Vacation for some delegation tips.)

You can also use Toggle to set up personal and office workspaces, and separate your time accordingly. You can assign your time blocks (and your team can assign theirs) to individual projects or clients. Hourly rates can be assigned on a client or project basis with the paid version, and with all versions time spent by your entire team can be combined within the office workspace, and on a client or project basis. You can manually enter time if you forget to start the timer, or if you are multi-tasking (as the timer can only attach to one project/client at a time). Then, you can employ reports to create accurate invoices for your customers, as well as to track your progress against project goals. (For example, you can use Toggle reports to see that you have completed 10 hours of a 40 hour project.) You can also sync your Toggle data with other productivity applications such as Salesforce, FreshBooks, and Basecamp.

Toggle provides a wealth of features in its free version, so unless you team expands to over 5 people, you will likely not need to upgrade. For a detailed description of all of the features and functions, see the Basics tutorials, and the FAQ.

One of Toggle’s best features is that it works across a wide variety of mobile and desktop platforms, so your entire team can collaborate regardless of the devices they choose. Free Android and iOS apps are available, it can be used as a Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop App, and the online version is supported under Chrome (with a Chrome extension available), IE 10 and higher, Firefox, Safari 7 and higher, and Opera 15 and higher.

Whether you just want to understand how you are spending your time, or whether you want to try collaborative time tracking for your team, check out Toggle today. You can get a free account here–it only takes a minute, which you’d know if you were already using it.

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