Multimedia is here to stay. So, it is a good bet that you’re using sound in at least a few of your sales and marketing projects, whether it is a sales training course, a YouTube video, or a radio, television or online commercial.

To create an engaging video or entertaining radio ad, you’ll need to include both speech and music. For even more interesting pieces, you can include sound effects (such as bells and whistles, weather noises or even blood curdling screams: after all, Halloween is upon us). Once you have all your components, you’ll need to edit and mix the audio and then combine it with your visual components (if you’re making a video).
The following resources can help.

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Audacity is a great basic and free audio editing program. It provides basic editing functions such as cut and paste, enables combination of multiple tracks (like voice over music), and a stable of useful effects such as volume control, pitch change, noise removal, normalization and many more. It gets a 5 star rating from CNET editors, and a 4 star average rating from users.Download the free software from the trusted CNET site.

NOTE:You will need to install an external DLL file in order to export from Audacity to MP3. You can download the file and get installation instructions here. (It is really easy, so don’t let this extra step deter you. Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux are supported.)

Once you have your sound editor, you can use your computer’s microphone to record voice. To add sound effects or music, get a freeSFX account. This UK site provides access to a large library of free sound effects, and a slightly smaller library of free music that is licensed for both commercial and non-commercial uses. Sound Effects categories (there are 20 in all) range from Animals to Explosions to Horror to Ambiance. Music categories include Blues, Rock, Jazz, Patriotic, Uplifting and many more with tracks running to several minutes. Register for your freeSFX account and check them out.

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