As a small business owner, you’re probably very proud of the products and services you’re selling, and you want to tell the world about them. A recent post suggests that doing that really isn’t your best sales and marketing strategy; and that you should actually be touting why your products and services should be important to people, and why they should buy them.

The post, Sales Secret: ‘Why’ Is More Important Than ‘What,’ does not break any new ground, but does highlight a strategy that marketers (and salespeople, and CEOs) all too often forget, particularly when they are excited about promoting a new offering.

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The post provides multiple examples of how to use “Why” instead of “What” in your sales and marketing messages. For instance, instead of stating “Our software automates supply chains” tell customers that “Our software makes your products available for sale 10% faster.”

This is the marketing strategy PaySimple uses. You’ll notice that the headline on our Features page is “Get paid. Know how your business is doing.” Further down on the page, we describe all the features and functions of our cloud-based business management software. Our eChecks page doesn’t just explain what an eCheck is, it explains how an accepting eCheck payments makes your life easier.

Take a look at your current sales and marketing messages and materials, and consider them for a “Why?” makeover. If you need some help jumpstarting the process, try these posts:

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Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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