The past week has been a record breaker on all levels for both in-store and online shopping. Starting on Black Friday, millions of Americans left their Thanksgivings early to spend on average $423 per person, leading to the busiest shopping day of the year thus far. But that record only lasted the weekend, as the newly established shopping day known as Cyber Monday shocked even the most optimistic of analysts.

For the first time in US history over $1.5 billion worth of purchases occurred online in a single day. Lead by giant eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Walmart, over 240 million Americans spent Monday shopping from the comfort of their homes using their personal computers, tablets and smart phones. As incredible as these numbers are, the real story here should be the crowning of online retail as the king of shopping. Reassuring all business (large or small) that the key to satisfying their customers is a solid online presence.

The ability to accept payments online is not a new trick, however the momentum in which customers are spending online is growing each and every year. No matter if your business is an eCommerce or service model, the ability to accept online payments is crucial to long term success as millions of Americans switch to smart phones and tablets as their primary shopping assistant. It’s also easier than ever to begin accepting online payments with just a few easy steps. Take advantage of the ability to accept electronic checks or credit cards, without leaving the comfort of your home or business.

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Mat Vogels

Mat Vogels

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