Like most millennials, Kevin Hennessey is inseparable from his smartphone.

But in addition to refreshing his social feeds dozens of times per day, he’s checking on the status of his business and making impactful decisions.

“I run my business on my phone,” said Kevin.

Kevin started Brabo Payroll in September 2017 after leaving his job at one of the nation’s largest payroll providers. Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Brabo Payroll helps both local and national businesses manage payroll, benefits, HR, 401(k), workers comp and much more.

“What sets us apart is that we have the vast service offering of a major brand, but our specialty is in providing boutique level attention to all of our clients.”

Thanks to this approach, Brabo Payroll has experienced the type of meteoric growth most small business owners can only dream of. In just over a year, their client list has grown from 4 companies to over 110, and that number will exceed 165 in January through an acquisition.

But the road to success hasn’t always been a smooth one. And Kevin will be the first to tell you that with explosive growth, comes great responsibility (and many sleepless nights).

Growth: A Blessing and a Burden

According to Kevin, the greatest challenge in running his business has been balancing rapid growth with responsible hiring, and managing the overhead costs associated with employing a team.

Though eternally optimistic and enthusiastic about the direction his business is headed, Kevin can’t help but admit that growth can be burdensome.

“I work 18 hours a day to make sure I’m fulfilling all of my obligations as an employer—legal, financial, HR—and then I need to keep my clients 100% happy on top of all of that,” said Kevin.

Despite the challenges, Kevin says being able to create jobs in his community and provide a safe, and positive work environment for his employees is the best part about his job:

“You either make a run at it or you don’t. Running a business gives me a sense of purpose.”

Kevin’s team and community make the stresses of running a business “totally worth it,” but in order to make it viable, he needs data and technology to make responsible decisions.

“It’s all about the data.”

For trustworthy data to power responsible decision making, Kevin relies on PaySimple.

Kevin has been working with PaySimple to collect payments from clients since starting his business. He chose the platform for its flexible payment acceptance options, recurring billing and robust data and reporting capabilities.

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Most importantly, Kevin says he feels that PaySimple acts as a true partner to his business, rather than a merely transactional vendor.

“Having someone who cares about your success and makes you feel important—as opposed to just a number—is huge. When I call my customer success manager, Maureen, it’s not like ‘New phone who dis,’ it’s ‘Hey Kevin, how have you been?’”

As a small business owner wearing many hats, Kevin says he is almost constantly on the go, and relies on his smartphone to keep the business running smoothly. With PaySimple’s mobile reporting tools, he can glean detailed insight into the status of his business’s revenue which helps him make decisions from wherever he might be at that exact moment.

“A lot of my business is seasonal, so I need to look at data to determine trends so I can make responsible decisions,” Kevin said.

Seeing where and when business might slow down allows Kevin to allocate resources accordingly so he is never caught unprepared.

“Examining data is like looking at the fuel in your car when you’re stuck in the middle of the desert. The money coming in every month, is literally fuel for your business. With my PaySimple reporting, I can see what’s happening and where my business is headed just by logging into my account,” said Kevin.

The Next Chapter

With confidence in his ability to make sound business decisions thanks to a powerful reporting tool, Kevin is excited to focus on increasing profit so he can invest in people and technology in 2018.

Brabo Payroll is 100% bootstrapped and Kevin has remained committed to taking full responsibility for the bankrolling of his operation; an impressive feat considering he projects to end 2018 with a client list of over 400 companies.

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