productivityLabor Day has come and gone, which means summer is almost over and fall business is about to begin.  Small business owners often have trouble disengaging from their daily business tasks; but hopefully you were able to get some vacation in this year, or at least are now returning from a relaxing long weekend.  Of course after a break from work, it can sometimes be difficult to jump back into things and reach your usual productivity levels.  If the customary advice like get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and make your work environment a “happy place” doesn’t quite cut it, perhaps it is time for some new thinking.

A blog post from buffer, 10 of the most controversial productivity tips that actually work, provides some interesting counter-intuitive advice.  The author provides 10 tips, backed up by research linked from the post, to “boost your creativity, happiness and productivity.” These include simply “giving up” instead of trying to motivating yourself, structured procrastination, working less, and embracing rejection. The post also suggests saying “yes” less often, and provides tips on not only how to say “no,” but also strategies to make sure that you will say “no” when you need to.  The final tip, attempt an impossible task, seems like it would completely destroy your motivation; but according to research it actually activates your brain and makes you more effective when you work on other more mundane tasks.

However, sometimes all you need for that extra motivational push to get your creative juices flowing after a vacation, long weekend, or procrastination break, is a little humor.  For example, if you’re reading this post instead of working on an important task, perhaps this Dilbert cartoon will jolt you back to work:

It should.  According to a recent Forbes post, 10 Reasons Why Humor Is A Key To Success At Work, humor increases productivity in the workplace.

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