Finding the right online payment solution for your business is a lot like finding the right pair of shoes. You might have to try on a few before you find the glass slipper that fits just right. While the idea of sifting through so many options might seem daunting, there are some basic principles that are vital to helping you shop around.

Here are the top five questions to consider when searching for that perfect fit between your business and an online payment solution.

1. Is it comfortable? 

When you reach for a pair of shoes, you always gravitate toward (Americans use toward; the British use towards) that comfy, broken-in pair that you know you can rely on. Collecting payments should also give you the same sense of comfort every time.  Logging in to a virtual terminal to accept a payment or analyzing a report to determine what region produced the most revenue doesn’t have to cause anxiety. Make sure the system is easy to navigate and user-friendly from top to bottom. Try out a product demo much like you would try on a pair of shoes, putting each potential solution to the comfort test.

2. Does it make you feel good? 

A great shoe makes you feel sexy. All right, so maybe online payment processing isn’t quite as sexy. It still should make you feel good, especially when it comes to security. A great payment solution will be PCI compliant, offer templates of authorization forms that are ready to use with your customers, and will validate your identity when you call in for service so no one can access your account.  While a four-inch heel will undoubtedly have you walking tall, a trustworthy online payment solution will equally have you ”strutting your stuff” when it comes to collecting and managing customer payments.

3. Can you dress it up AND dress it down?

A great shoe is versatile enough to match with nearly any outfit. Your online payment solution should be as well. As a small business owner, you are adaptable and can adjust the way you do business in the blink of an eye, so make sure the tools you use for accepting payments don’t get in the way. You’ll need a way to accept payments that are standard and simple (in person or over the phone), as well as a way to accept payments that are more sophisticated (away from your desk or on an automatic schedule). Make sure your solution does both. With tools like a mobile app for quick, one-time payments on-the-go and recurring billing schedules for ongoing customer relationships, you’ll be as flexible and versatile as your customers expect you to be.

4. Does it look good?

Nobody wants to be laughed at for wearing Crocs to the Prom.  Similarly, customer touch-points like invoices and payment receipts should look professional so customers feel comfortable doing business with you. Some people prefer a red-soled, stiletto Louboutin, while others prefer a killer pair of Nike cross-training shoes. Whichever style fits with you, it’s important that the tools you use within your payment solution also reflect the style of your business. Payment reminders and online payment forms are just a couple of example features from your online payment solution that your customers will see and associate with your company’s brand. Make sure the solution you choose allows you to “express yourself” by customizing the language in your payment messaging, uploading your unique logo to invoices, payment forms, and payment receipts, and creating custom fields on payment forms that are unique to your business.

5. Is it painful? 

If the shoe pinches your toes or rubs your heel the wrong way, it’s not a good fit. Speaking with your online payment solution’s customer service team shouldn’t be painful or rub you the wrong way either. Find out who provides the support for the product and how they treat their customers. Search online reviews, call them up to see how quickly they answer your call, and ask them what their favorite color is. See that they are real humans who will listen and alleviate any pain from learning a new system.

Those shoes that don’t fit quite right always get shoved to the back of the closet and collect dust.  Similarly, an online payment solution for your business has to fit just right so that you can feel good about making it a part of your everyday business operation. The journey for your small business toward growth and success isn’t always a path well-traveled, so make sure you wear a lasting, great pair of shoes!

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Katie Donahue

I'm Katie and I hail from the great, cold state of Wisconsin where I studied business and design at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. When I wasn't spending my time tipping cows, I was usually playing or coaching volleyball, volunteering, or drawing. I moved here to Denver about two years ago to soak up some sun, enjoy the mountains, and join the wonderful world of payment processing. I consider myself a student of entrepreneurial business as well as architecture, and love spending time reading, competitive board game playing, and obsessing about shoes.

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