Pricing Small Business Goods & Services to Make Profit and Retain Customers

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Cheapest thing I'm bought there...Pricing your goods and/or services is hard work. You don’t want to charge too much and scare away business but you don’t want to undercut your profits. This guide will walk you through proper pricing.

Are Your Customers Avoiding Your Targeted Online Marketing?

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Google-RemarketingRemarketing, the act of showing advertisements to people who have already visited your site, is a great tactic for small business owners looking to increase brand awareness.

10 Counter-Intuitive Workplace Productivity Tips

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productivityContrary to popular belief, working super hard isn’t always the best way to be the most productive in the workplace. Check out these simple tips to get more out of your day.

Is Crowdsourcing Right for Your Small Business?

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crowdsourcingCrowdsourcing could change the way you do business. If you’re a small business owner, take a look at all the possibilities that crowdsourcing offers.

Perfecting the Pitch: Escaping the Confines of an Elevator

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virgin logoAre elevator pitches really that worthwhile to the success of a small business? Richard Branson weighs in on the true value of an “Anywhere Pitch.”

Win a Super Bowl Ad for Your Small Business

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Super Bowl-16We’re not lying. Intuit is giving away a free 30-second Super Bowl advertisement to one lucky small business in the USA. Read this post to find out how!

Tools for Restoring Deleted Files

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Delete the negative; accentuate the positive! Donna KaranOh no! Did you just delete some important files? No worries, check out these three different online tools that help you recover deleted files.

Promotional Items & Schwag for Your Small Business

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Is your small business going to be participating in a big sales or client-prospecting seminar sometime soon? Check our these great sources for promo schwag.

Email Beats Social Media for Customer Acquisition and Customer Lifetime Value

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Social Media BuzzEveryone agrees that social media is important to businesses. However, a new study shows that clients acquired via email have a higher lifetime value.

Small Business & Entrepreneurial Success Stories

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Working lateIf you’re an entrepreneur, you know that every day isn’t peachy. Check out these great links to give you that boost of encouragement when you need it.