If you’re like most Windows users, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of knowing that you viewed or edited a file last week, but being unable to locate it on your computer. Sure, Microsoft provides a file search with a date filter—but that assumes that you know what to look for in the first place. If all you can remember is “the pdf file I opened on Monday” you’re in for a long search.

Enter Nemo Documents. This free program provides a calendar view of your documents history. You choose the folders it indexes, and it then keeps track of all the files in them. You can open a Nemo Documents Calendar and view files by day, by week, by month or by year. (TIP: If there are more documents than fit into a calendar square, there is a hard to see scroll bar on the right side of the box that you can use to view everything in the square.)

The left margin provides filtering options for file type, folders and labels. This makes it incredibly simple to navigate directly to the pdf file you opened last Monday or the png screen capture you saved yesterday afternoon. (For images, you even get a thumbnail view.)

Nemo Documents provides other handy features, like starring a file so that you can find it even more easily. Right clicking any file in the calendar provides the standard options to open it, open the folder it is in, copy it, copy its path, rename it, or delete it. You can also add a star or a label for the file, or view its full properties. When using the “Day” view or the “List” view Nemo displays the file’s last modified date, last opened date, size, and any labels you applied. A simple double click opens the file.

The program is intuitive and easy to use—though it make take a little time for it to index your files if you include an entire drive on the index list. There is no User Guide or help file, but you shouldn’t need them.

CNet editors give Nemo Documents 4.5 stars. It is supported under Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7. Download it today at the trusted CNet site.

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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