Taking a business from an idea to a realization is a big accomplishment. Oftentimes business growth can catch a small business owner by surprise, they are so busy maintaining the business that they forget to make time to think about a business growth plan.

You might be wondering how you’ll know if and when your business is ready for a strategic growth plan. And more than that, you might be wondering what to consider when making that plan to manage growth and ensure your business’ success.

PaySimple customers are often businesses on the verge of big growth or established businesses that are already growing fast. We talked with a number of these business owners to get their tips and advice for success, which we have combined into our new guide: Growing Up Your Business.

Take Your Small Business From Scrappy to Successful

Lessons on growing up a business from entrepreneurs like you.
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What you can expect from the guide:

This guide incorporates insights from business owners across a number of industries from entertainment to healthcare, to legal services, to education and others and answers these common questions:

Am I ready to grow?

From scaling your business to managing growth, to protecting your intellectual property—we asked business owners what they did and what they would have done differently when deciding if it was the right time to grow their business.

How do I get and keep more customers?

Knowing your best customers, listening to your customers and putting a process or plan in place for getting new customers can take a business to the next level by identifying unique opportunities. In “Growing Up Your Business,” you’ll learn how other businesses have succeeded in getting and keeping more customers.

How do I build reliable cash flow?

Do you have a streamlined process for accounts receivable? Can you productize your services? Is it easy and convenient for your customers to buy your services? You’ll get insight into how other business owners answered and thought about these questions when growing theirs.

How do I hire for growth?

Hiring decisions are often challenging because they require a significant financial investment and can also make or break the success of a small businesses’ growth. You’ll read how others have decided who to hire and how to evaluate the investment they needed to make to get the right people.

How do I find help, advice, and support?

Running a business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of options for resources and support to help you get input into the big decisions you need to make and advice on how to run your business easier and better. Learn how other business owners got the feedback they needed to make key decisions in their business as well as words of encouragement in “Growing Up Your Business“.

The difference is in the details

Your business might grow quickly without a formalized plan and sometimes that’s just the way it happens. However, if you are running at a steady pace today and are ready to stretch yourself, stretch your employees, and take your business to the next level—having a plan helps you and your team set goals and know what they are working towards. More importantly, formalizing a plan for growth can help give your business a roadmap, as well as help you avoid complications you might have hit along the way without a plan. In an ideal world, we want every business’ growth to not be a reaction but be the desired vision of the business owner. A strategic business growth plan can help make that happen.



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