Today, we’re departing from our small business subject matter to take part in Blog Action Day, the annual campaign with which bloggers from around the world stop to discuss one important global topic. This year, that topic is Food.

Typically, we like to cover simple steps our readers can take to make a difference in their businesses. So similarly, we wanted to cover simple actions we can each take (and some of PaySimple folks’ favorite ways) to help make Food reforms in areas like nutrition, cost inflation, famine, over-processing, and waste.

So here it is, our 8 Simple Ways You Can Make a Food Reform.

  1. Think about what you’re eating. Seriously. What you eat affects not only your long-term health, but your day-to-day well being. Eating well gives you more energy, which keeps you motivated and feeling happy. We’re not talking calorie-counting here, just reasonably eating less of some of the habitual, not-so-healthy items in our diet (we generally all know what they are).
  2. Cut down on food waste by thinking about what you’re ordering and what you’re throwing away. Don’t think you’ll finish the giant sandwhich you want? Try splitting it with someone, or eating half and saving the rest for lunch tomorrow. The next time your office hosts a lunch or someone brings bagels, make sure to put the leftovers away so they can be consumed later rather than thrown away.
  3. Go to and sign the petition to Feed the Future, a program that will support sustainable farming and help end the famine in Africa.
  4. Support whole-wheat food production by making sure the breads, cereals, and crackers you buy use whole wheat or whole grains.
  5. Support farm products that require less processing and transport by buying local produce–it is typically marked at your grocery store, or you can find co-ops in your area that will deliver local produce to your house.
  6. Each time you go to the grocery story, buy one extra canned or non-perishable food item and put it in a “donations” bag in your pantry. Once you’ve filled the bag, donate it to your local food bank. With the upcoming holiday drives, they will be desperately needing donations, and by spacing out your purchases, you’ll be able to contribute more than you might have during the cash-strapped holiday season.
  7. Try improving the nutrition of the meals you prepare by using less oil, butter and salt and more herbs and seasonings to give your meals flavor. With all the great free cooking apps out there, you can easily look up what you’re cooking (potatoes and chicken) and what might taste good with it (rosemary and garlic).
  8. Volunteer at a local food kitchen or Ronald McDonald House. You’ll not only be helping someone in need, but seeing the effect of a warm meal on someone who’s hungry or grieving will make you more appreciative of your own warm meals.

So to all of our motivated, do-it-yourself readers, we challenge you to do at least one of the items in this list. What other ways can you find in your daily life that you can make a Food reform?

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is the VP of Marketing for PaySimple, the leading provider of service commerce solutions for SMBs. At PaySimple, Sarah leads the company's brand, acquisition, lifecycle, and product marketing strategies, and has been an integral player in growing the company from a fledgling startup to a leading SaaS platform, serving over 15,000 businesses across the country. She loves live music, being outside, great food, and hanging out with her husband, little boy, and dog.

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