The Internet has effectively put the world at your fingertips, and search engines have provided the tools you need to filter that information to find the nuggets you need. However, the sheer volume of information available makes it increasingly important that you be able to zero in on what’s important and what’s reliable without getting distracted by alluring tangents or malfeasant subterfuges.

The ability to quickly and accurately find answers is a key skill for small business owners. A big part of that is learning to ask the right questions and following the appropriate threads to the right answers. Google has created a daily game that helps you hone those skills.

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The “a google a day” game provides daily puzzles that you use the Google search engine to solve. Questions are based on categories like geography, pop culture, arts and literature, sports, and science.
The idea is to practice and improve your search skills by figuring out the best search approach for answering each one. You are timed on how long it takes to get a correct answer and scored accordingly. You can play the basic game as a guest, which provides three questions per day. Or you can log in to your Google+ account to track your score and statistics, interact with others playing the game, and unlock an additional seven questions per day.

To make the game more useful as a teaching tool, Google created the “Deja Google” engine, which provides a search environment frozen in time prior to the beginning of the current day’s puzzle launch. This enables you play the game without it being spoiled by someone posting the answer and having it appear in the search results. It also makes sure that your search results are not influenced by all the other players who are searching for the same answer.

Learn the basics of the game here, by clicking the “About” link in the top-right navigation, and get detailed instructions along with definitions for all the game icons by clicking the “Learn How to Play” link (click the “basic game” link in the splash screen to access the top-navigation links). You will also find a Tips & Tricks section for nifty Google hints that will enable you to find the answers more quickly. This section will help you be more efficient with all your online searches regardless of your long-term interest in the game. Download a .pdf version of Tips & Tricks here.

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Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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