“Our past due invoices have dramatically been cut in half.”

-Dustin Norris, Employee
RGM Rentals, LLC

About the Organization

RGM Rentals, LLC is a rent-to-own company specializing in portable storage buildings, barns, gazebos and porches. The business launched in 2011 when the founders, portable building dealers themselves, noticed a need in the market a more satisfactory rent-to-own management service.

The Need for Service

Before PaySimple, RGM Rentals employee Dustin Norris used a different software to manage billing for the company’s rent-to-own clients. While the prior solution did provide automatic check processing, they couldn’t tie invoicing in with the automation, which was their primary method for collecting payments. The limited payment options for their clients also held them back, as they couldn’t process credit card transactions online. “It was limiting what we could do, and at the same time, it was costing more,” Dustin recalled.

The main reason Dustin sought an alternative solution, however, came down to customer service. “I could never get them on the phone.” With business expected to explode in 2013, he knew it would be important to get on top of his payments. That’s when he found PaySimple.

Making the Switch

Immediately after making the transition to PaySimple, Dustin felt an impact. “I could tell I was getting my payments faster, and my customers gained a better understanding of when their payments were due.” They currently use recurring, monthly invoices, and the automatic email notifications keep the customers paying on time. “Our past due invoices have dramatically been cut in half.”

How are you accepting payments?

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PaySimple has helped grow RGM Rentals the most by providing multiple payment options for its clients. “There are a lot of people that don’t want to give their checking account information, so now about half of our automatic drafts are from credit cards. I may have missed that payment in the past.”

And where would they be without automatic payments? “I’d have to hire another full-time employee, so in that respect, I’m saving close to $20,000 a year.”

As planned, RGM Rentals is gaining new customers at a rapid rate, and Dustin anticipates moving the company’s self-storage side of the business to PaySimple in the near future.

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