Office culture is a hot topic. Quality employees can be hard to find, and the high costs of hiring and training are causing employers to recognize the importance of investing in culture. Even small acts of appreciation can go a long way in keeping your team productive and happy.

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While employee appreciation day was formally in March, we keep recognition top of mind at PaySimple all year round. Are you looking for ideas to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work? We surveyed our employees and customers to understand their favorite ways to recognize others and be recognized.

Here’s what we found – feel free to steal some ideas for your own business!

Surprising someone with a coffee or breakfast. – Kristina

Public kudos, handwritten notes, high fives! – Mel

Candidly (and with a smile) tell them in a face-to-face setting just how much you appreciate them. – Matt

By listening to them and making sure I understand what they are trying to communicate. – Andy

Simply saying, “Thank you, I appreciate you!” – Kristina

Telling them personally and hand-written thank you’s. Also, cookies. – Nathan

How do you like to let people know that you appreciate them? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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