I’m in my second month of working at PaySimple, and almost every day something happens at this 80-person company, which provides cloud-based receivables and payments solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.
Here are a few highlights during this time:

  • I noticed that we have a real-live popcorn machine; every day since then I’ve been delighted that someone almost always makes popcorn before I get around to it. And they share.
  • I was fortunate to have timed my arrival right near the date of the company Summerfest, which was held in our CEO’s backyard and featured a MySpace-discovered folk and strings band.
  • Our customer service group hit a great milestone of getting new customers quickly activated on our software platform. The head of that group celebrated by doing an Olympic-quality string of cartwheels through the middle of the office. She stuck every landing.
  • We continue to have our Monday Meetings, where employees share highlights from the previous week.

These 15-minute standing all-company meetings start with the announcement of the past week’s winners of the PATHS awards. We have one rotating coffee mug for each letter, and each letter represents one of our core values: Passion, Authenticity, Teamwork, Happiness, and Service. The winner from the previous week announces the next winner, explains why on the win, and hands over the mug to the new honoree. It’s great to see so many employees play a role in this meeting, and it’s a fantastic weekly reminder of what we bring to this company and to our customers. These are not core values that just sit on a plaque on the wall. They are in play every day.

After departmental updates, there is a final part of the meeting called “Five Minutes of Good.” This past week, our SVP of Business Development had something to add. He is an avid competitive athlete, and he held up the current version of Traithlete magazine and read a quote about the importance of “flow.” He said he and a colleague had a super meeting recently, and as he reflected on what made it click, he realized he was experiencing this sense of “flow.” He let us know how that felt to him.

Later, he sent this email to the company explaining the concept further:


I wanted to follow up my thought from this morning’s update as achieving that flow state is the most powerful way to achieve peak performance no matter what you are doing.

The concept of flow is that feeling of complete enthrallment in the task you’re performing. Performance requires us to be totally present in the here and now, if we are we’ll be at our best. Visualize the things you want in your life at the highest level and allow them to come to you. We work so hard to position ourselves to win in our roles at PaySimple and in day to day life. You know when you’re in the “Zone.” Seek that place and use it as your platform to interact with prospects, customers, friends and family…but most importantly with yourself.

Best regards,

David Sharp

I’ve worked at a number of companies. I’ve seen a number of team members, managers, and leaders. I have seen excellent efforts aimed at company culture. And I’ve never seen any company working as hard at finding the best in every team member and delivering on that standard of excellence to our end users, the industry, and beyond.

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Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner

Sue is the Chief Growth Officer for PaySimple, the leading platform for managing and growing small businesses. In her spare time, she's a golfer, mentor of 20-somethings, cyclist, hiker, and appreciator of most things out of doors.

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