Wall full of postcardsIn our current instant communication world, sending a postcard can seem just plain archaic.  However, there is something to be said for relaying your brand message via a tangible card instead of a digital blip that can be deleted or rejected without ever being viewed.

With a postcard, particularly one that includes a compelling picture, it will at least get viewed during the mail sorting process.  In fact, according to The Mail Moment report from the U.S. Postal Service, 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered with 77% of them sorting through it immediately. (And if they are like me, sorting through it again a week later when they clean up piles of saved mail left sitting on the counter or on their desks.)

Of course, as a small business owner you need to consider the cost of customer communication. It cannot be denied that a personal text message or email typically has no marginal cost above your monthly subscription fees, while postcards and other postal mail pieces incur printing and postage fees each time they are sent.  For that reason, you may decide that using postal mail for mass marketing campaigns is not cost-effective.

But, take into consideration those special one-off cases where you want to send a special thank you note or drive home a compelling sales message after a successful meeting. An email or text message in those situations might seem routine and too commonplace.  In those cases, a postcard that arrives in a timely manner and contains a well-thought-out note may be just the stand-out message you need.

The Postagram service will help you quickly and easily send professional looking postcards to anyone from your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android device.  You’re able to upload an image and add a customized message to their standard card layout.  Postagram then creates the postcard and mails it to the address you specify.  You can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts and pull pictures from there, take one with your phone and use that, or upload one from your computer. The postcards can be sent to US and international addresses.

Each card can be as unique as your business and your message.  For example, you might include a product concept image as a follow-up to a sales meeting, or perhaps send a picture of your team to reinforce an image of your company culture.  Since you’re able to create and send from your phone, you can do it as soon as you finish a meeting while your interaction with the customer is fresh in your mind.

If you’re still not sold on the mailed postcard, consider that Postagram cards are postcards for the digital age.  Each card includes a QR code stamp. When your recipient scans it they can automatically reply to your card, save the picture, or post it on Twitter.  Watch a video that illustrates the possibilities here.

To use Postagram, you’ll need to create a free account which gives you the ability to send 5 free postcards. To use it on your mobile device, you’ll also need to download the Android or iOS App, all of which you can do here. After the initial free cards, the base cost is $0.99 per card sent to a US address, with bulk credit packs available for purchase to bring the cost-per-card down.

Give postcard marketing a try, or a re-try.  Check out the Postagram service today.


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Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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