Watched any good online video lately? If you’re like most of your small business customers, the answer is probably “yes.”

According to a recent Invodo report, VIDEO STATISTICS: THE MARKETER’S SUMMARY 2014, shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to buy than those who don’t. Additionally, the study reports that 90% of consumers watch online video, two thirds watch product videos when they encounter them, 71% say that video is the best way to “bring a product to life” and 57% of online shoppers who view product videos are more confident in their purchase and less likely to return it.

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Projections are that by 2017 the US will have 201.4 million digital video viewers, which represents 78.1% of Internet users and 62.7% of the US population. Thus, it is no wonder that the Invodo report finds that 93% of marketers use video as part of their media mix, and that 70% of retailers use product videos.

Have you included video as part of your small business marketing? If you haven’t, or if you want to up your game, the following resources can help.

Video Marketing Whitepapers and Resources

  1. Digital Sherpa Small Business Video Marketing Guide
    This whitepaper provides a great overview of how to use YouTube/Vimeo, Facebook Video, and Vine for sharing your small business videos, as well as general tips for creating content and producing your videos.
  2. QuickSprout Video Marketing Infographic
    “If a Picture Says 1000 Words, Then Video Is… Priceless” begins this infographic, and it then goes on to provide statistics supporting the use of video marketing, including that “YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, which shows people don’t read.”
  3. The Knowledgebase for Video Marketing
    This collection of whitepapers covers topics ranging from viral videos, cross-channel marketing with videos, and video marketing metrics.
  4. Earning & Owning YouTube
    This in-depth research report looks at big brands like Coke, BMW, and McDonalds to analyze the effectiveness of their YouTube presence. While your small business likely doesn’t have the budget to compete on this level, there are many useful insights to be gleaned from the report.
  5. Using Video in Email Marketing
    The Invodo study reports that including a video in your marketing email can boost click through rates by 2-3 times, and that simply including the word “Video” in the subject line increase open rates by 18.5%, click rates by 64.8%, click to open rates by 39%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. This article provides tips on how to do it. Also check out The Dos and Don’ts of Using Video in Email Marketing, and this guide to HTML5 email coding that can actually embed the video right into the email (instead of simply linking to it).

Video Editing and Publishing Tools

  1. FreeMake Video Converter
    For simple video editing, this program is the user-friendly solution. Use it to convert video to just about any form you might need, such as .avi, .mp4, .flv and many, many, others. You can also use it to create video clips from longer files. And, the handy URL feature lets you paste any url (including one from YouTube) into the interface and it will extract the video from the page and save it to your computer in the format you choose. The large button interface is easy to use and understand. Download it from CNet here, and while you’re there watch the video of it in action.
  2. Windows Live Movie Maker
    This free Windows program, often included with Windows, provides basic video cutting, joining, and editing features. Use it to create clips from longer video, combine clips, turn static images into video, add sound (including your own narration, or music from a free online music collection), and export in a large number of popular formats. Download it from CNet here—and when you install, be sure to select the “Custom” option and remove all programs except Movie Maker.
  3. VSDC Free Video Editor
    This is very robust video editing software, and well worth its $0 price. You can create professional looking video with impressive effects using this package. But, it is not as intuitive as simple cut-and-combine programs, so you’ll need to take the time to learn how to use it. The company provides a How-To page with instructions on using key features, which is a good starting point. Download it from CNet here, and be sure to select the custom installation option and de-select the radio button for installing the add-in toolbar, as well as selecting “no” for all the other software packaged with the program.
  4. YouTube Movie Maker
    If you want to concentrate on creating YouTube videos, then this program is for you. It provides the ability to create videos by combining video clips, audio clips and static image files as well as the ability to crop, trim, merge, zoom and more. Exporting and publishing to YouTube is a snap. Download it from CNet here.

Of course, this post would not be complete without a video. Watch the following “Generic Brand Video” for inspiration, as well as an instructive example of what can go wrong with liberally employed stock video. Then, check out the PaySimple YouTube channel for examples of our videos featuring product demonstrations, our team members, and our customers– not generic platitudes.

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