If you own a service commerce business, you know it’s often the activities leading up to the appointment itself that cause the headache. Eliminate the difficulties with online appointment booking software, and create a positive scheduling experience for you and your customers.

Three reasons your customers will love it…

  1. View available options: I usually have an idea of when I want an appointment and those parameters can be quite specific. If I call, I often spend a full five minutes going back and forth until one golden option appears. The person on the other end is tired. I’m annoyed. And it all could have been avoided if I could view available appointments online.
  2. No need to pick up the phone: Finding the time to call and schedule an appointment can be challenging. Business hours overlap with my work schedule and if I step away from my computer, I can no longer see my calendar. If online booking is not available, I am forced to have the aforementioned conversation as the whole office listens in.
  3. Easy to make changes: If I need to move or cancel my appointment, the last thing I want to do is go through this whole process again. Online appointments can be changed with a few clicks.

Four additional reasons you and your employees will love it

  1. No double booking with cleaner data: Using an online solution will create one source of truth. No more concern about forgetting to write down an appointment or updating a schedule.
  2. Goodbye confirmation calls: Use the software’s automatic reminders to make manual follow-ups a thing of the past. You can even set up reminders and new appointment alerts for staff members.
  3. Utilize the customer database: Take advantage of a tool’s central customer database that makes it easy to track top customers and services, as well as market to drive repeat business.
  4. Manage schedules: An online booking tool will allow you to easily manage personal time, breaks, and days off for you and members of your staff. You can even customize booking lead times to eliminate short-notice appointments.

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Amanda Jurgens

Amanda Jurgens

Amanda is the Marketing Automation Manager at PaySimple responsible for email marketing strategy, development and optimization. In addition to a well-executed marketing campaign, Amanda loves outdoor activities in all of Colorado’s seasons, dog kisses and concerts.

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