fitness management software_0215January is always a busy month for business owners of gyms and fitness studios. Existing customers have a renewed energy and new customers come through the doors ready to commit to a new year. The changing of a year is also an opportunity for you, as the business owner, to set goals. Do you want to spend more time with your customers and less time in the “office” on administrative tasks?

Here are three ways fitness management software can help grow your business and make 2015 the best year yet.


Why Your Business Will Love It: Did you open a fitness studio because you love collecting payments? I didn’t think so. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need finances to run smoothly and accurately. Use an invoicing software specifically tailored for the fitness industry to eliminate billing and payment headaches. With one-time set up, you can automate monthly memberships, access a simple dashboard of overdue payments and even receive notifications when a customer’s payment information is nearing its expiration date.

Why Your Customers Will Love It: Building a relationship with your customers is an important part of running a small business. Your customers may be visiting your business to blow off some steam or rushing to make a class. Don’t make them pause at the check-in desk to collect a payment or update information. With fitness management software, this can all be handled online. Better yet, accept and manage all of your customers’ billing and payment needs with automatic payments that charge their credit card or debits on a recurring basis.


Why Your Business Will Love It: Customer data can be a powerful tool to grow your business. Fitness management software can give you invaluable information, such as individual attendance records, fitness goals and length of membership. You can use this data to find trends in your business and market accordingly. Consider offering a promotion for referrals during a slow time or a discount for frequenting less popular classes.

Why Your Customers Will Love It: Knowing which customers are loyal to your business or have hit their fitness goals gives you the opportunity to surprise and delight them. Acknowledging hard work or rewarding loyalty with a discount can go a long way against your competition.


Why Your Business Will Love It: Instantly eliminate the amount of time spent on the phone scheduling, confirming and rescheduling customers for classes or personal training sessions. By letting customers view available times or classes online, you can automate the process from registration to reminders to attendance tracking. Most software options will also let you schedule your staff – pairing trainers with customers and making sure your business is appropriately staffed in one easy interface.

Why Your Customers Will Love It: Creating an online experience let’s your customers review class schedules and available appointments against their personal schedule without the back-and-forth of a phone conversation. And the need to cancel or reschedule? No problem, now it is just a click of a button.

If your business is still managing payments, scheduling and storing customer information in disparate systems, make 2015 the year you streamline your administrative tasks and take your business to the next level. After all, isn’t that the motivation you give your customers to achieve their fitness goals?

Ready to learn more? Check out PaySimple partner, Zen Planner, to learn how an all-in-one fitness management software can delight your customers and grow your business.

Amanda Jurgens

Amanda Jurgens

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