Today’s Tip just happens to fall on my 25th wedding anniversary—which is quite a milestone! So—a big public HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful husband.

In honor of this quite auspicious occasion, I prepared the following list of 25 posts touting the top or best 25 companies, places, apps, tools, resources, guides, gifts, and even gaffes that will be of interest and use to any small business owner.

1. Forbes Small Giants 2017: America’s 25 Best Small Companies

For the second year, Forbes Magazine put together this list of the top “Small Giants,” which they define as, “ companies that value greatness over growth.”

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2. Top 25 Leadership Blogs for Small Businesses

These blogs from top business leaders provide resources, tools, stories, and advice that will help you hone your own small business leadership skills.

3. 25 of the Best Small Business Accounts on Twitter

Forbes suggests that one way to build your own following is to Tweet and Retweet content form world-class small business leaders who have lots of followers. This list provides 25 Twitter accounts to follow. (Note: You could do worse than Tweeting these Tip of the Week posts.)

4. 25 Best Apps for Small-Business Owners in 2017

Nerdwallet compiled this list of their favorite apps for the multi-tasking small business owner that will, “help you stay organized and in charge, no matter which hat you’re wearing.”

5. 25 Powerful Small Business Apps You Can’t Do Without

Interestingly, there is very little overlap between this list and the previous one (so you get almost 50 App recommendations). This list focuses on marketing, lead acquisition, customer engagement, and brand awareness.

6. 25 Small Business Tasks You Can Do Better in the Cloud

Small business owners can save time, money, and hassle by using Cloud-based SaaS applications (like PaySimple) to manage many common small business tasks. But is the Cloud the best choice for every small business need? Perhaps not, but this post highlights some areas, like appointment setting, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing where choosing SaaS is the right move. (Want to learn more about SaaS? See Tip post Does Your Small Business Have SaaS from earlier this year.)

7. 25 Most Popular SaaS/Cloud Apps for Business 2017

Now that you know which needs you want to take to the Cloud, this post will help you pick your apps. The report is based on real-world monitoring and analytics data rather than customer surveys. This post looks at the 2017 Business @ Work report, from Okta, which pinpoints the 25 most widely used SaaS and Cloud applications, and provides observations about each SaaS and Cloud offering.
Note: I would (all biases aside) add PaySimple. What do you think? Get a Free Trial of our Service Commerce SaaS offering and let us know whether you agree that it is a better way to accept payments, market services, and retain customers.

8. 25 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Small Businesses

If you need capital for your small business, Crowdfunding is one alternative to a traditional bank loan. (For other alternatives see my Tip post Non-Bank Options for Small Business Loans.) This list provides the 25 best crowdfunding sites for small businesses, broken down by three types: reward, debt, and equity crowdfunding.

9. CNBC’s top 25 metro areas for access to credit

Staying with the credit theme, this post notes that, “credit, not venture equity, is the most important form of capital for most entrepreneurs. Ninety-nine percent of small businesses will never have access to VC equity.” This list highlights 25 metro areas in the US where access to credit for entrepreneurs is particularly accessible.

10. 25 of the Top Business Travel Destinations

And speaking of cities, if you don’t want to start your business there, you may just want to visit—and if that business is a deductible business trip, all the better. This list looks at travel costs, industrial presence, and thrilling cultural opportunities, to create a, “shortlist of cities you should come up with an excuse to visit as part of your next business trip.”

11. The top 25 cities for the future

Leaving the cities of today for the cities of tomorrow, this post ranks today’s cities (from all over the world) by their potential for greatness in the future based on four categories: personal well-being, economics, innovation, and governance. (Spoiler Alert: San Francisco tops the list with NYC at #2)

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12. The top 25 home-based business ideas

If you want to stay at home, whether you live in a city or not, a home-based business may be your small business of choice. But what to do? Narrow down your search with these 25 home-based business ideas that have growth potential, both now and in the future.

13. Video Interlude: Top 25 Funny Marketing Fails

It runs a bit over 4 minutes, but you may want to speed it up and mute the repetitive music.

14. 25 Email Marketing Statistics to Know in 2017

This list wades through the thousands of email marketing statistics floating around the web to provide the 25 most important ones you should know for 2017.

15. Top 25 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

These tips help you leverage Facebook as part of your social media plan and engage with your small business customers by creating a Facebook business page and promoting your products and services via the platform.

16. 25 Ways to Thank Your Customers

This resource features 25 outstanding ways to show your appreciation to customers that are,”relevant and personalized, noticeable, and sincere.”

17. Top 25 KPIs You Can Dashboard To Help Run Your Business

KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are a great way to measure your business performance and to keep track of your progress. This post proves examples of 25 KPIs that may be appropriate for your business, along with instructions for how to generate them and add them to a KPI dashboard.

18. Top 25 Website Grading Tools

What do you think of your small business website? What do your customers think? What do Search Engines think (or see)? How do you stack up against your competitors? Are you making programming errors or search optimization errors that are hurting you? These tools, many of them free, will give you answers to those questions and more.

19. The 25 Best Business Ideas for the Aspiring Mompreneur

From writing to design to cooking to social media savvy, this post provides business ideas that let you make the most out of your past experiences, skills, and current schedule to become a successful Mompreneur.

20. The 25 Most Eco-Friendly Offices in the World

While you’re probably not going to build a “Mothership” ala Apple, these eco-friendly office ideas will offer both inspiration and actionable steps you can take to green up your workspace. Though you may not be able to afford LEED certification, you may want to follow French company NGO and install a wall of plants, or take a design cue from Twitter and install desks made from reclaimed wood.

21. Super Bowl 50 & 25 Other Things Small Business Owners Can Learn From

This post wouldn’t be complete without a Tip of the Week entry—and this one fits the bill. In 2016 the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl—and our town went wild! Those Broncos hardly had a perfect season, nor did they have a perfect Super Bowl, but they were able to learn enough from each of their games (win or lose) to put together a winning game when it really counted. This post notes that learning from your own mistakes is key to running a successful small business, but that it is often just as helpful (and far less painful) to learn from others’ mistakes. With that in mind, it highlights 25 other people and companies that small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn from.

22. 25 Coffee Machines That Are Great for Small Business Offices

What better way to get your team motivated on a Monday morning or moving on a Wednesday afternoon than a free-flowing supply of coffee. From single-serve to mega urn, this post provides a variety of coffee machine options, one of which is sure to make your perfect pot.

23. 25 Great Stocking Stuffers for Small Business Owners

So, the coffee make is covered, what else do you get for that small business owner who has everything? This list provides some thoughtful little ideas. (Do I hear a pack of healthy snacks anyone?)

24. The 25 Best Fitness Apps of 2017

To be a successful small business owner you need to keep both your mind and your body running at peak performance. See the final entry for your mind; check out these apps to get that body in shape.

25. Top 25 Brain Teasers (with answers)

The video runs about 4.5 minutes, but you can stop any time you get frustrated at your inability to immediately realize the obvious. (You may want to mute the annoying music too.)


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