Right around this time last year I gave you 15 Quizzes to Test Your Business & Management Skills. Judging from web traffic reports, many people had fun with them (and hopefully learned a thing or two as well). The popularity of online quizzes has remained high, which prompted this post of 20 more quizzes, all published within the past 12 months, and all designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in areas vital to running a successful small business.

Find out how you rate in the following areas, and don’t forget to use the resources that accompany many of these quizzes to learn more about each of the quiz topics.

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Starting a Small Business

  1. What Kind of Business Should I Start?
    This quiz from Staples asks you to answer 8 questions about yourself and then provides a suggestion for the type of small business at which you would likely succeed. (Note: Beware of Question 4; it is either extremely existential or is missing something.)
  2. Would you make a good entrepreneur?
    The Brits (and the Indians too) were prolific small business/entrepreneurship quiz authors this year. This quiz from BBC News helps you determine your chances of success should you start your own business.
  3. What Type of Business Structure is Best for You?
    If you are thinking of starting a small business, you’ll need to decide how to structure it: as a sole proprietor, a partnership, a limited liability corporation (LLC), a non-profit, etc. This questionnaire from Small Business Trends will help you figure it out. (You can enter fake contact info and still see the quiz result.)


Running a Small Business

  1. Financial Literacy Quiz
    This three level quiz from Intuit helps you understand your knowledge gaps regarding small business financial statements, and provides extensive resources (at the end of each quiz) to help you fill your gaps. Quiz 1 covers basic accounting terms, Quiz 2 preparation and quality of financial statements, and Quiz 3 using financial statements to make business decisions.
  2. International Business Knowledge Quiz
    If you’re thinking about taking your small business International, this Global Edge quiz is for you. At 71 questions it is rather long, but each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the answer. Even if you don’t get most of them correct, you will definitely learn something in the process. And if you do score well—you are likely ready for that International leap.
  3. Small Business Insurance Quiz
    This quiz from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners tests your knowledge about small business insurance requirements. Each question provides a detailed explanation of the answer.
  4. Obamacare Rules for Small Businesses
    This quiz tests your knowledge of small business owners’ responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), and how the Act impacts small business employees.
  5. What Type Of Small Business Owner Are You?
    This quiz from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is based on a 2014 research study that found small business owners fall into four types: Freedom seekers, passionate creators, struggling survivors or legacy builders. This quiz helps you find your type. Knowing your type helps you understand your motivations, which can help you set priorities and operate your business more effectively.


Online Security

  1. Phishing Quiz
    This Quiz from McAfee asks you to look at sample emails and determine whether they are legitimate or phishing scams. Compare your scores with others in the US and around the world.
  2. Which movie title best describes your online security IQ?
    Created to promote 2Factor Authentication, this quiz tests your knowledge of how to best protect yourself online, (Hint: 2Factor Authentication is a common answer!), and assigns you a movie title that fits your level of expertise (or lack thereof).


Search Engine Marketing

  1. SEO Link Building Quiz
    This quiz from Webalyzing (a search marketing firm) tests your knowledge on the best practices and taboos of link building.
  2. SEO Expert Quiz
    From MOZ, this 50 question quiz is aimed at SEO experts and tests your knowledge of the important (and sometimes esoteric) details of Search Engine Optimization. When you finish the quiz, the answer key is provided along with a link for each question that provides additional resources on the topic covered.
  3. Local Search Expert Quiz
    Also from MOZ, this 40 question quiz tests your knowledge of local search. Score over 85% to be deemed a local search “Guru.” Also check out the resources below the quiz to learn more about implementing local search for your small business.
  4. The PPC Marketing Quiz
    This quiz from search marketing firm Ubounce tests your knowledge about PPC basics. A detailed answer key is provided, along with deep links to their Conversion Marketing Glossary.
  5. The Hardest AdWords Quiz You’ll Ever Take
    Think you’re a Google AdWords expert? You might think again after taking this Search Engine Land quiz. But, if you study –up on all the answers, an AdWords Guru you’ll be.


Social Media

  1. Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
    This quiz from Simply Measured claims that when you combine “your business needs with your personal passions, you’re sure to find the next big network for your brand.” The quiz questions reveal the social media channel on which you should focus your marketing efforts in the coming year.
  2. Can We Guess What Your Social Media Habits Say About Your Personality?
    This BuzzFeed quiz claims to be able to use your answers to “read you like a Twitter feed” and peg you as a “Private Introvert,” “Accomplished Achiever,” “Creative Connoisseur,” “Passionate Perfectionist,” “Fearless Flaunter,” or “Sentimental Sweetheart.”


Just for Fun

  1. The Most Bizarre Business Stories From 2014
    This quiz from INC magazine asks you to, “separate fact from fiction and identify some of the strangest business stories from 2014” by selecting the “fake” story in each grouping of four equally bizarre scenarios.
  2. Are You Fluent in Emoji?
    This NY Times quiz provides 10 emoji phrases and asks you to translate. You get a score at the end, but not the individual answers. So, you’ll need to fiddle with your answers a bit to figure out the correct one for each.
  3. Can you match the movie to the small business?
    If you’re a movie buff then you’ll love this quiz from The Guardian.


Add Quizzes to Your Small Business Marketing Toolbox

If you’ve played with any of these quizzes you’ve probably seen marketing messages from the creators, and may even have left your contact information behind. If so, then the quiz creators succeeded. And, you can too. Quizzes are a proven way to engage customers with your brand, and to teach prospects why they need your products and services.

To learn more, download the free eBook Are You A Qwizard? From Qzzr. (Note: A number of the above quizzes were created using Qzzr.)

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