How to Save Time by Streamlining Your Hiring Process

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paysimple pathsHiring great people is one of the best things you can do for your business! The right hire now can pay off for years to come, but sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, checking references… it can be a real time suck. Here are a couple ways to save time (and headaches and maybe even some money).

Windows XP End-of-Life Advice

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If you use a PC running Windows XP, you will know that Microsoft ended support for that Operating System on April 8, 2014. This means that you no longer receive security updates for the operating system. It also means that you can’t be confident that any Internet activity you engage in on a computer running Windows XP is secure. That is why we strongly suggest that you do not login to PaySimple from a computer running Windows XP.

[Infographic] Consumer Payment Preferences

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Infographic: Consumer Payment Preferences

Did you know the average consumer gets his or her first credit card at age 21? Check out the rest of these fast facts to get a peek inside the world of your customers’ payment and money management practices. Check out the Infographic

Q&A with Experts from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

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Social Media appsAs a small business owner you probably know that social media is an important marketing channel. But, you may have questions about exactly how to best implement a social media marketing strategy tailored to your type of business and your particular customer base.

While there is certainly something to be said for expert third party advice, no one knows the interworking of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn like the companies themselves. And at an upcoming webinar, you can ask them direct questions that will help you better craft your own social media strategy.

Leverage Customers to Increase Marketing for Your Business

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Find the marketing opportunitiesWhether you know it or not, your current customer base falls into four main categories, and how you manage that portfolio of customers can make a difference to the bottom-line. In the Ultimate Guide to Small Business Financial Management  we show you how determine  which customers fit where by plotting their satisfaction with your business vs. the revenue they bring in. After you bucket your customers, you can effectively convert your existing client base into more revenue and increased exposure for your business.

PaySimple Safe from Heartbleed

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heartbleed bugYou’ve probably heard about the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability that is compromising secure Internet communication worldwide.

If you’re concerned about your PaySimple account, don’t worry– PaySimple systems are NOT AFFECTED by Heartbleed.

If you haven’t heard about the threat, or have simply heard the name but not the details, here are the key points:

How Better Invoicing Can Get You Paid Faster

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invoiceYou’ve gotten a new customer to try your business and have provided them with your top-notch service or product.  Now all you need to do is collect your payment…easy, right?

Well, as it turns out, not always.

Get Free Trials of SaaS Apps with the Small Business Stack

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saas_stackThe Small Business Stack is a collection of free trials of SaaS (Software as a Service– applications that you access online in the cloud) offerings that can help your small business grow and operate more efficiently. Apps include help desk/CRM, productivity, project management, web design, search optimization, web analytics, and more from top SaaS providers.

Small Businesses Have an Advocate at the SBA

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Government Red Tape Makes it Harder for Small Businesses to HireIf your small business gets crossways with a federal agency, it is common to feel overwhelmed and powerless against the often heavy hand of the United States Government. Whether your problem is long-overdue invoice payments, unjustified or excessive fines, endless audits, or threats of retaliation by a federal employee, the Small Business Administration (SBA) National Ombudsman’s sole mission is to help you get through it.

The SBA Office of the National Ombudsman (ONO) was created by the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996 with a mission “to assist small businesses that experience excessive or unfair regulatory enforcement actions involving a Federal agency.” While it cannot change, stop, or delay a federal agency enforcement action, it can act as an intermediary between small business owners and the federal agency (even if that agency is the SBA itself).

Alternative Ways to Get a Loan for Your Business

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Loan SignLast month, Experian/Moody’s reported that the Q4 Small Business Credit Index rose 1.2 points to 117. This is a record high in the index since they started to track it in 2011.

As you expand your business, access to credit is critical. This report indicates that it’s easier than ever to get more money flowing into your business for expansion, investment, or bridging a short-term challenge, which is great news. But what if your business is newer to launch, or if you still can’t get a traditional loan?