Is Your Website Mobile? 3 Low-Cost Tips for Getting It There

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Responsive-Website-DesignIs your business’s website responsive? If you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s in your best interest to read this article and learn about mobile-ready websites.

5 Reasons to Use Google Apps for Small Business

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google appsOver the past month, PaySimple has broken down Google Apps into its 5 most important parts. Here’s a listing of all the posts from the past month.

Why Businesses Should Use Google Apps: Part 5 – Google+ Hangouts

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Google-Hangouts-banner-640x312Welcome back to the 5th and final installment of PaySimple’s series on how Google Apps can help your small business. This week we cover Google+ Hangouts.

Small Business Guide to Google Apps – Part 4 – Calendar

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google-calendar-final1Welcome back to Part 4 of PaySimple’s series on why Google Apps is a great choice for small business owners. This week we’re focusing on Google Caledar.

How to Properly Secure Your Mobile Device

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mobile phoneBusiness owners use their mobile phones for more than just talking with friends. They’ve become an integral part of conducting business. With that said, it’s extremely important to protect your mobile device, and it’s contents.

How to Grow Your Landscaping Business with Online Billing Software

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Mow the Lawn Collecting online payments and setting up recurring billing schedules are just a few of the ways that online billing software can help landscaping businesses grow. Click to find out the rest.

A Direct Mail Marketing Tool for the Digital Age

Wall full of postcardsThere’s something special about receiving a hand-written postcard in the mail. With the new service from Postagram, businesses can send postcards using pictures that they took on their smart phone.

How Law Firms Can Better Manage Their Practice Using Legal Billing & Management Software

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Using client billing and management software is one of the easiest things that law firms can do to better manage their time and increase their monthly cash flow. Here are four ways that using online management software will help your legal practice.

5 Ways Fitness Billing & Management Software Will Help Your Business

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CrossFit BoxFitness business owners are busy people. Between trying to manage their clients’ needs and increase monthly revenue, there isn’t much free time left in the day. By using fitness management & billing software, business owners can regain lost time AND increase productivity.