How to improve your customer service experience

From the first marketing messages prospective clients see to the first question asked when they need help, your goal should be to create an experience that is as simple and as convenient as possible. However, it’s not all about having the best call center technology or being staffed to the brim—for small businesses, this is not reality. Great customer service starts with the customer’s experience with your company, which means not just being focused on happy customers, but a happy team.

Here are 7 tips to keep in mind to empower your customer service representatives:

Nonprofits can have InvoiceSimply Free for Life

As part of PaySimple’s Philanthropy February, we are giving our InvoiceSimply® software to nonprofits free for life. But how does InvoiceSimply work, and how can nonprofits use it to be more efficient or increase donations? Here are a few ways our nonprofit customers find it helpful.

PaySimple Philanthropy February Supports Non-Profits

More than 27 million small businesses exist across the United States – 1.5 million of those do not work for profit. For these businesses, the goal of getting revenue is how much they can contribute back to their cause, whether it is feeding the hungry, housing the neglected, helping victims or spreading a message. The directors of many of these non-profits barely pay themselves a fraction of the revenue they work tirelessly to raise.

For all of the love and hard work philanthropists put into their businesses, PaySimple is dedicating February, the month of love, to Philanthropy.

As part of our month-long campaign, for every person who likes our Facebook page, we will donate $1 to Kids Are Heroes®, a non-profit that empowers, encourages and inspires children to become future leaders in volunteerism and community involvement.

We will also be giving away our InvoiceSimply software free for life to non-profits that register for an account before February 29th using promo code FEB4LIFE.1

Could PaySimple win Customer Service Dept of the Year

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PaySimple is delighted to announce that it is one of the finalists in two categories under the Stevie Awards for Sales and Service: Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software and an individual service award for Young Customer Service Professional of the Year.

The Stevie Awards is a global competition that recognizes the efforts, accomplishments and positive contributions of companies and business people worldwide. The New York Post called it “The business world’s own Oscar Awards.”

More than 1,000 entries from organizations worldwide were submitted to this year’s competition – 30 percent more than last year. Finalists were determined based on scores of 93 preliminary judges worldwide. Cameron Hurst, Chair of the final judging committee, indicated that innovation, motivation and avoiding outsourcing to other counties were the three of the main criteria on which companies were nominated. Now the Customer Service Department of the Year Award is up to the people.

8 steps to launch an email marketing newsletter

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Executing an effective communication strategy is vital in today’s connected world. Sure, you want to communicate special promotions and other marketing messages that will increase your customers’ interest in your product or service. But to be successful, you should also provide objective, interesting content they can enjoy and put to use.

An email newsletter is a great form of communication because it allows you take off the sales hat for a moment and talk to your audience in a different way. Not only does it help your brand, but crafting a newsletter is a soothing drill for YOU as well. But where do you start?

Webinar to help CPA’s get paid faster

Today’s uncertain economic environment presents countless challenges for accountants, but managing clients and getting paid are two of the most difficult and stressful. The time it takes to send out invoices and manage current and late payments can really eat into margins, which is why PaySimple is launching a webinar tomorrow at 2:00 PM MST dedicated to teaching CPAs some of the best strategies for encouraging and enabling customers to pay faster, all while being efficient and organized.

The webinar will be hosted by PaySimple’s VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience, Kevin Brown.

“In this 60 minute session, I’ll show you how to win customers and keep them, save time in your day to increase your productivity, improve your profitability, stand out from your competition and get paid on time – every time,” Brown said.

PaySimple Wants Small Business Insights

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If you’re looking for ways to connect with other small businesses and spread your influence within your industry, PaySimple is inviting small business leaders to contribute stories and insights to our blog.

Our goal is to build a community of clients, business owners, and small business advocates who support one another with insights and learnings. The best way for you to join this community is through our blog! We’ll include your name, company name, Twitter handle and a link to your website or blog, so our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and blog subscribers can easily find you.

PaySimple launches brand new website

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PaySimple would like to congratulate our marketing team for the successful launch of our brand new website. We’ve added some new features and functions designed to make learning about receivables automation so much easier.

Much of the driver behind redesigning the site was we knew that prospects were not being provided as helpful of experience as they could be to learn more about the product and how it works. When talking with customers, we found that a lot of the functions they loved the most were buried “in the details” so-to-speak, and may not have been mentioned at all on the website.

We brought these features to the forefront, where customers wouldn’t have to dig to find them, and we also created step-by-step slideshows that walk users through how to use the many functions available to them.