7 Killer DIY Tips You Can’t Live Without for Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Other Social Media

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7 Killer tips for Blogs & Social MediaThese 7 tips are things you can easily do yourself to both identify topics to write about and to craft posts that will generate targeted traffic for your small business website.

Q&A with Experts from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

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Social Media appsAs a small business owner you probably know that social media is an important marketing channel. But, you may have questions about exactly how to best implement a social media marketing strategy tailored to your type of business and your particular customer base.

While there is certainly something to be said for expert third party advice, no one knows the interworking of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn like the companies themselves. And at an upcoming webinar, you can ask them direct questions that will help you better craft your own social media strategy.

Get Free Trials of SaaS Apps with the Small Business Stack

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saas_stackThe Small Business Stack is a collection of free trials of SaaS (Software as a Service– applications that you access online in the cloud) offerings that can help your small business grow and operate more efficiently. Apps include help desk/CRM, productivity, project management, web design, search optimization, web analytics, and more from top SaaS providers.

Small Businesses Have an Advocate at the SBA

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Government Red Tape Makes it Harder for Small Businesses to HireIf your small business gets crossways with a federal agency, it is common to feel overwhelmed and powerless against the often heavy hand of the United States Government. Whether your problem is long-overdue invoice payments, unjustified or excessive fines, endless audits, or threats of retaliation by a federal employee, the Small Business Administration (SBA) National Ombudsman’s sole mission is to help you get through it.

The SBA Office of the National Ombudsman (ONO) was created by the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996 with a mission “to assist small businesses that experience excessive or unfair regulatory enforcement actions involving a Federal agency.” While it cannot change, stop, or delay a federal agency enforcement action, it can act as an intermediary between small business owners and the federal agency (even if that agency is the SBA itself).

How To Identify Online Scams, Urban Legends, and Misinformation

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!00105 The Debunking HandbookThat the Internet is a great equalizer is a double-edged sword. The upside is that it enables small business owners to compete on a level playing field with their large company competitors. The downside is that clever web-design and viral sharing can result in information of unequal quality being portrayed as having equivalent authority.

If you’ve ever suffered the embarrassment of passing along a scam email to a colleague, forwarding an “urban legend” malware warning to your entire Contact list, or re-tweeting a hoax, then you know how important it is to be sure of your facts before passing along that email, tweet, or post. Conversely, you likely understand just how frustrating it is to argue with someone who steadfastly clings to a ridiculous “fact” because they can find “official” content supporting it on the Internet.

Protect your business (and avoid embarrassment) by using these tips and tools to identify scams and hoaxes before you respond to, re-tweet, or forward them.

Voicemail Dos and Don’ts

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This may be the worst sales voicemail everWhile some have declared voicemail as dead as the cassette tape, the ability to use it effectively is a key addition to your small business sales toolbox.

Small Business Infographic Roundup

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As mentioned in a previous post on infographics, Google Trends indicated an 800% increase in infographic popularity between 2010 and 2012. Judging from the abundance of infographics on just about any topic you can think of (a search for “infographic” on Google today returned 17,200,000 results), that popularity shows no signs of waning in 2014.

The following infographics, published in the last month, provide useful tips and information that will help you better run your small business.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Small Business

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LinkedIn isn’t just for resumes anymore. Use these resources and tips to help your small business get the most out of this fast growing social media site.

Learning from Small Business Failures

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Studies show that 50% of small business fail in the first five years. Whether or not your small business ultimately succeeds, chances are you’ve had failures along the way. Learn to learn from your mistakes, and know that you are not alone.

Can You Spot SPAM, Phishing & Other Malicious Email?

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How to Identify a Malicious EmailResearch shows that small businesses are prime targets for malicious email attacks. These tips help you identify and safely deal with suspicious email before it can infect your computers, spread throughout your network, and compromise your personal information, and your customers’ personal information.