15 Negotiation Strategies & Tactics for Small Business

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17 -- Negotiation -- WinWin: What You Need -- Some of the Icons for Anthony Iannarino's New BookAs a small business owner, you may think that you have little leverage when negotiating with large companies or even with a single consumer for a big-ticket item or project. However, before you give up more than you’d like, try some of the strategies discussed here to create a winning deal for everyone involved.

8 Ways Starting a Business is Like Ironman Training

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ironmanI am 13 days from competing in my third Ironman and am at the point where all I do is eat, sleep, and breathe the sport. The effort and focus that the hours of training requires, as well as the strain that it puts on my free time, is not unlike what is required when you decided to launch a business. You know (and hope) that the blood, sweat, and tears will all be worth it in the end, so your passion keeps you pushing.

Memejacking for Small Business Marketing

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meme_kermit Got Meme?

A “Meme”is a video, image, catchphrase, concept, word, or hashtag that is spread virally via the Internet.
Memejacking is the practice of using an already viral meme as part of your own marketing efforts. This strategy not only enables you to create a message that you already know will interest and resonate with a large audience, but it also enables you to take advantage of popular searches and search phrases used on search engines and social media sites.

Surprise and Delight – 5 Tips to Try For Your Business

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Surprise CupcakesAs a customer, there is nothing better than being surprised and delighted by the service you experience, and usually it’s all about the details. 

Free Tool Helps Keep Your PC Drivers Up-to-Date

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iobitHardware and device manufacturers routinely update their drivers to fix problems and to provide improved performance. However, they don’t always advertise the updates and you many not even know that they are available or where to get them—this is particularly true if you don’t have a firm handle on all of the hardware components used in your computer. Additionally, not using the latest drivers can slow your computer’s performance and can also potentially cause conflicts when new devices are installed.

A free software application, IObit’s Driver Booster, provides the tools you need to keep all your computer drivers up-to-date.

3 Ways to Bring Authentic Feedback Into Your Company

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FeedbackAt PaySimple, we are fanatics about being authentic in your approach to work and throughout each interaction each other. Providing authentic feedback is something we talk about a lot– whether it’s a pat on the back or a suggestion for improvement, we try to keep  feedback flowin’. But, it’s so much easier said than done.

3 Important Things Employers Should Know When Hiring

PaySimple's Ask the AdvisorAsk the Advisor is a PaySimple column featuring reader-submitted small business questions answered by our panel of business professionals. If you would like to submit a question, or become a PaySimple business advisor, please read the information at the bottom of this article.

This week’s question is answered by the SorinRand Law Firm.


“What are the primary things I need to know when hiring a new employee for my company?”

7 Small Business Performance Review Resources and One Great Case Study

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Performance AppraisalsWith the July 4th holiday coming up this weekend, you are probably more inclined to be thinking about the annual company picnic than annual performance reviews. However, a recent series in the New York Times You’re The Boss blog pierced that festive summer mood with a thought-provoking case study of how instituting performance reviews helped solve the problem of a troublesome long-time employee. Read the full blog series, then use these seven resources to create or optimize your own small business performance review program.

The Best of Small Business Summer Reads

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Open books: The opensource.com summer reading listSummer officially arrived last Saturday, along with its many rights including vacations, relaxation, and time in the sun. As a busy small business owner, you may balk at taking time off for an extended vacation. But, there is no excuse for not granting yourself at least a little “me” time to unwind and relax. Of course, if you need help rationalizing taking a break from your hectic schedule, select a title or two from one of these business-related reading lists. You’ll not only escape into a good book, but you may just learn something that will help you better run your small business.

The following book lists cover a wide range of business topics, so you’re sure to find something to your liking.

5 Ways To Better Plan Your Day

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Most days I leave the office feeling great, I can usually look back at the day and be proud of everything I was able to accomplish. But unfortunately not every day ends this way, sometimes I walk out wondering what did I just do for the last 8 hours! Everyone starts their day with the best of intentions ready to take on the world but what happens on the days we don’t?